lake union 10k

i've been waiting for the race photos to do this post, but it turns out they aren't letting us copy the pictures this year. so, you're just going to have to follow a link if you want to see me crossing the finish line. i finished in 1 hour and 3 minutes. you might recall my goal was 1 hour 5 minutes, so i came in well under. plus, i obliterated my time last year. yay! click here to see my pictures. i'm pictures 7, 8, and 9 on that page.

i haven't done much running since then. we've had one speed class, which nearly killed me. and i tried running in denver and the altitude stopped me short. so, hopefully all this resting hasn't taken me out of the game. the long runs start again this weekend! gearing up for half-marathon training!


trying to get back

hi friends! i seem to have fallen out of the habit of blogging. between trips and finals and visitors, i haven't had much time for updating. i also haven't done anything of interest, at least until recently. i still need to update you about the happenings from a couple weeks ago...

we finally made it to seattle square! seattle square is an outdoor market in the historic district of pioneer square. i actually work in the pioneer building, which is just gorgeous. it was such a lovely day, i decided to get a picture of the building on our way to the market. we had lots of fun visiting the vendors, but we were really there for the mobile food trucks. unfortunately, none of our favorites were there at the time, so we ended up walking around pioneer square in search of lunch. we hit a jack pot! we discovered delicatus. warning: this is not a spot for you if you are vegetarian. if you are not, wow, this place has any kind of meat sandwich you could hope for. and mexican cokes (you know, the kind that come in a bottle and use cane sugar instead of corn syrup)! i am really looking forward to going back. and, once again, we rounded out lunch by getting a scoop at parfait's truck. great ice cream. i'm now starting to like it better than molly moon's. but let's pretend it didn't say that out loud.

after seattle square we got ourselves ready for a fantastic wedding in discovery park. i've blogged about the park before, but i'd like to remind you all that this gem sits in seattle's magnolia neighborhoodand is just waiting to surprise you. the weather was divine and the nuptials were so touching. check out the gorgeous sunset we watched during the reception. but the highlight was definitely the food! isn't is always? but get this, they had a mobile food truck at their wedding! and not just any food truck...it was marination mobile! fantastic korean-hawaiian fusion. they weren't serving my normal staples, so i got a chance to branch out. um wow, i have new favorites!!! if you're ever visiting seattle, you HAVE to make a point to track down this truck! you won't regret it and certainly won't forget it!

as for more recently...i finished my summer quarter and am happily on a break for the next month. my friend sarah spent the weekend with us! and we completed the lake union 10k! i'll save the visit and the race results for upcoming blogs.

also, i'll be in denver in a few days!


meet zoe!

we had a pretty busy weekend, full of lots of seattle fun. however, the most important thing that happened was the birth of my newest niece. here she is, miss zoe in her first moments...



i'm up to 12 spider bites now and i finally got a picture of one of the culprits. the light was just right for me to get this... can you see it? these are EVERYWHERE around my yard and IN my house!


by the way...

despite the cold snap we've been having (which is supposed to turn into a heat wave by friday), spider season is still in full swing! i've been seeing less webs (likely due to the wash out over the weekend), but my spider bite tally is now up to 10.


alright, so i've turned into the worst blogger ever. grad school will do that to a person. my life now consists of school and running. i feel like an impostor saying that. but, it's true. i now schedule my school projects around my running schedule. that's right, running is taking over! and it's kind of fun- kind of. yesterday i did a 6 miler that just about made me want to quit forever. the run was actually beautiful, and mostly flat. but, i was not in the mood. the first 3 miles, i was ANGRY. just plain angry. but, half way through the endorphins started to kick in and i hit my stride. i ended up maintaining a 10 minute mile pace (and if you think that's slow, then i hate you. no really, i do.), which is pretty much my goal for the lake union 10k. as i've mentioned, i'd like to hit 65 minutes or less. i'm sticking with that goal.

this week's running involves 5k club tonight at green lake, speed class (i.e. most difficult workout i've ever had) on wednesday at woodland track, happy hour run (YAY!) on friday at roanoke park, and trail run (first time!) on sunday at mercer slough (hello, this place has a blueberry farm!) .

as for life outside running, i was in san francisco for a few days at the american bar association conference. no, i did not magically become a lawyer overnight. but, even we laypeople can teach lawyers a thing or two. plus, we had tom ammiano as a speaker. he was close to harvey milk and was even in the movie. i didn't know this until my boss told me, but exciting none the less.

the weather was glorious. for some reason, every time i go to san francisco the weather miraculously changes. this time was no exception. meanwhile, seattle was getting plenty of rain, the first in months. this is a good thing.

anyways, i did manage to do some walking around town and hit yerba buena gardens for the first time. now, it's not much of a garden, but it does have a spectacular tribute to martin luther king junior. i got some pictures of the quotes that fill the walls behind a 50 foot waterfall. the park also has an excellent view of a large catholic church. from a block away, i managed to snap this picture of wedding in progress. can you see the bride in the doorway? she's getting ready to walk down the aisle!


too busy to blog

i'm fully engrossed in school and busier than ever! right now i'm in the airport getting ready to head to san francisco for a work trip. apparently it's the dead of winter there. anyways, i haven't been doing anything exciting here in seattle, so there isn't much to say. in a couple weeks i should be back in exploration action!


another reason to love seattle

on the walk home from our run today (through beautiful cowan park and ravenna park), we spotted a plum tree in one of our neighbor's front yard. the fruit was already ripe and falling to the ground, so we each helped ourselves to a plum. i am usually not a fan of stone fruit, but damn those plums were good!