by way of china

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session day 95

i'm no longer living in olympia, but i'm still living on capitol time. i am seriously obsessed with budget talk. i listen to budget hearings all day while working and have even taken to watching cspan. i'm so very happy i have found my passion. but how that translates into a post-graduate job, i have not a clue.

i'm back at united way of king county and so very grateful for it. the people are truly wonderful. i've been working more closely with the public policy team and am getting a much wider perspective on local, state and federal policy.

life is really hard right now, but i'm privileged and hate to complain. i know i have been out of touch with pretty much all of you (does anyone even read this?), but know you are always on my mind.

we decided to continue our gardening efforts and actually planted seeds this year. we were a little late in getting started, but we do have some sprouts coming up. inside right now we have both red and yellow tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, basil, mint, and marigolds (for the pests). outside we have radishes, beets, blueberries, strawberries and carrots. we have yet to start our arugula. this is the most exciting thing in my life right now, so once things really start popping up i'll snap pictures and post.

here's to getting back to blogging!


one of these days

ah friends, one of these days i will triumph over this ridiculously dramatic quarter. that day is not today, but i shall return victorious. miss and love you all. if i've been a bitch i'll apologize through a more appropriate forum after i violently strangle this last paper. hugs!


thank you

i can hardly keep up with myself these days! more changes are in store, and it's been a rough past couple of weeks (nothing tragic, just stressful). but the point of this blog is to thank all of you that have been showing me the love. you have been so incredibly supportive and validating. i've even gotten new socks out of all this. ;)

i can't wait to graduate.


session day 36

whoa, people at the capitol are into valentine's day! all day long i heard people saying "happy valentine's day!" 75% of the people i saw were wearing pink or red. there was candy on my chair when i arrived this morning. and i got cookies for hearing out the legislative agenda of occupational therapists. feels like elementary school! except i am working on cost-benefit analysis and researching federal food safety. even better!

i apologize that i don't post pictures any more. i started taking the shuttle to and from the parking lot. aside from that, i don't make it outside very often these days. and, trust me, you don't want pictures of what i'm looking at all day. something exciting- i attended the senate hearing for the death penalty elimination bill last week. it blew my mind to see some of these senators in action- in an unsettling way. people, be careful about who you vote for. make sure you let your legislators know what are agenda is. seriously! i was glad i was there to witness it though. and, the house has introduced a companion bill. we'll see how far we get this year!

additional exciting news: daylight! it starts getting light around 6:45 am and doesn't start getting dark again until about 5:30 pm. this is hours more daylight than we were getting just a month ago. even if i don't catch it while leaving the office, at least i get to enjoy my drive into work!