updates all around

can you believe november is just around the corner? the autumn has been beautiful thus far, but today the real rain finally moved in. we had a big storm last weekend (i was out of town) and we're in the midst of one right now. it's actually supposed to turn worse with possible flooding on monday and/or tuesday.

i'm a little disillusioned with school right now, which is hard to say since i left du in hopes of better things. i'm not sure that i'm getting the experience i need to find a job i will actually like. we'll see how it goes next quarter, but right now i'm still feeling a huge gap.

as for the foot, i'm still in physical therapy but have scheduled a termination date. it's just not helping anymore. they told me i have a deformity that means i'm not built to run. alas, my running days are over. they told me to take up swimming or biking. honestly, i'm a little scared to bike. cars are scary. also, it's not exactly the right season to start biking. i'm going to wait until after the near year (when i will hopefully have more time) and then re-evaluate.

we've had some visitors over the last 6 weeks! first, maureen and jana came. we got to do some tasting at novelty hill/januik winery in woodinville. we also had pizza there! we did the theo chocolate tour too, which was amazing! it's definitely a great way to spend time with visitors. then, joan came and stayed with us for a short weekend. we went to the seattle art museum's picasso exhibit. it was wonderful, and i'm so glad we made it. i am always excited about new exhibits, but we so rarely make the time to actually go. i was really pleased we were able to go to this one. for the past few days my friend sophie and her boyfriend james have been visiting. they are the ones with the wine property on sonoma mountain. they've got 4 barrels of wine in the works! last night we went to the pink door and japonessa. the pink door is a seattle institution in pike's market. the food is amazing. japonessa is a new sushi place. i prefer more authentic sushi. the food was pretty good, but i don't like all those extra ingredients and aiolis's on my sushi. anyways, they stayed at the sorrento hotel and raved about it. so, if you need a place to stay, there's one recommendation!

i was in denver last weekend for a friend's bachelorette party and to celebrate sarah's 30th birthday. i missed her surprise party, but still got to surprise her with a very quick visit. we got pedicures and went to lunch. it was absolutely wonderful. i really miss girl time. it's getting hard not having friends here.

next weekend we'll be mexico for christy's wedding and then we'll be in portland for thanksgiving. we're heading to denver for xmas. we also have some trips in the works for next year!

hopefully i'll be able to explain my school situation a bit better later in the school year, but for now hang with me while i post less often. i will definitely try to get some mexico pictures up!


bus adventures #2 and #3

i'm on a new bus to my internship and riding the bus to school more frequently as well. this means a different crowd. since my internship falls into normal business hours, that bus is mostly filled with professionals. the school bus is mostly students but a bit more mixed, since the u-district has a very high homeless population.

the other morning i sat near a woman who was sewing lace. as in, she had white thread, a regular needle, and was MAKING lace! MAKING LACE! it was amazing! i had no idea that was possible! i always figured it was made on some kind of fancy loom. but no, it's made by middle-aged ladies on the bus!

on a bus ride home from school i sat across from a very... dynamic? man. he is 85 years old. he has been shot 23 times. i know because he showed us all of the scars. meaning, he pulled up his shirt AND pulled his shorts all the way up to his crotch to make sure we got a good view of every single one. he also drinks 25 $0.99 beers every day. he showed us his backpack full of beer. he also showed us his 50 hits of acid. he smokes cubans every day. he also carries around a steel water bottle full of cuban rum, which he proceeded to share with those that wanted a swig (only one guy took him up on it). oh, and he has 16 kids, ranging from their 20s to their 60s. he's a grandfather and a great-grandfather. his grandkids drink all his booze and smoke all his pot but they're good kids. i'm sure there was more he shared with us, but those were the highlights.


foot update

i have a lot to you update you on (i'm back in school, my internship, maureen and jana's visit, more bus adventures), but for now we'll focus on the dreaded foot.

tendinitis (or as my PT continuously points out, it's truly tendonosis) in 3 tendons on my left foot plus bursitis. i've also developed some tendinitis in my right foot as a result of over-compensation (not to mention hip weakness, and back, neck and shoulder pain). anyways, i'm in physical therapy twice a week and have to do lots of stretching and some exercises at home. i did a round of 6 days of steroids, which was what i imagine a crack binge to be. right now i'm at about 5 weeks no running. my goal is october 21st to get back. although, when i asked my PT about it she kind of laughed and said, "we'll see." basically, it's much worse than i ever imagined and requires long-term therapy. i'm also doing ultrasound and electrode therapy with each visit. at first it was a lot of massage, which was great. but this week she broke out the medieval torture tools. excruciating. basically she takes these weird shaped tools and runs then all along my achilles and the bottom of my foot. there are cracking sounds. that is the sound of fibrous tissue being broken up. there is me clutching the table for dear life and burying my face wherever i can to cope. it's bad. but i guess there's lots of research supporting it. so, i'll deal. i'm scheduled into november for now, and hoping i won't need to go into the holiday season. hurray for running! :)

today is frankie's 3rd birthday. happy birthday frankie jane!!!