moved at last!

phew! it has been a busy, busy month! frankie's face says it all! we JUST finished cleaning our fremont townhome for the last time and are now faced with endless boxes and bags to unpack in our greenlake house. we are loving the new neighborhood and are very excited to be able to spend our summer at the lake. there is a bakery just blocks from our new place that we have already walked to half a dozen times in this first week. i just started a couch to 5k running group that meets at green lake for 6 weeks. perhaps i'll be a runner by the end of the summer. although, i'm fairly certain the completion of a 10k last summer was the peak of my career. i had my school orientation and am anxiously awaiting the next steps in the process.

my urban garden continues to grow. the lettuce has just exploded! this is after our first harvest. time to harvest again already! we have some strawberries coming in and LOTS of apples. unfortunately, we had a cold snap and lost all of our cherries (pretty much) over night. good thing most cherries are grown in washington and we can get some at the grocery store very soon! the tomatoes seem to be hanging in, despite the temperamental spring weather, but we'll have to see as the weeks progress.

just a couple more pics of the house... we have a large deck in the back, but thought you'd be more interested in seeing our adorable little yard. for those of you wanting pictures of the inside, you will need to be very patient until i get everything unpacked and
organized. or, you'll just have to come see for yourself!

for dad and mom- birthday pics

i promised my dad i would post pictures of my birthday clothes. so here they are, complete with unpacked boxes in the background.

a big thank you to everyone for the beautiful gifts and well wishes.

i missed you all on my special day in seattle.


seattle spring continued

it's still spring in seattle and we've had some mixed weather. the past week or so has been typical seattle- CLOUDY! but it's also been chillier than normal with average temps 5-10 degrees cooler than expected. it's making it impossible to put my tomato plants out! i have noticed some new blooms around the neighborhood though. the dogwoods have been exploding all over town for the last three weeks. (by the way, there are pink dogwoods! they are the color of flamingos!) irises are just starting to open. the wisteria has suddenly blossomed over the last two weeks and can be seen all over town. the cherry trees are starting to grow cherries! and i've even spotted some peonies and roses getting ready to bloom over the next few weeks. today, it is beautifully sunny, but WINDY!

we've been busy since i last posted. we went to denver for the weekend mid-april. once again, i did not take a single picture, despite hauling my camera everywhere we went! another all-too-fast visit, but we were able to see a lot more friends than we did in february. we are not sure when we will be back, but hopefully at some point towards the end of the summer.

anthony's long-time friend casey flew into seattle from china last week and has been touring the city with us. i'm hoping he'll get to finally see the mountains today with the big clearing. we spent saturday at alki beach (another beautiful seattle park) and walked the shores picking through shells and crab bodies and taking pictures. we also saw a juvenile bald eagle!!! he was also walking along the shore and even had some snacks while we watched. yesterday we took the light rail to safeco field for a mariners game. lots of excitement all around. i have to say, i was pretty impressed with the light rail and recommend it to visitors trying to get into the city from the airport. also, i was amazed by the baseball stadium! the roof opens and closes (what's that called again?) and the lights were fantastic. there was also some pretty great food. we saw thai, sushi, philly cheese steaks, and chocolate dipped strawberries among the regular game fare. a great way to spend a sunday afternoon!

finally, we got the keys to our new rental home! we are moving to a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood. we will be taking our time, moving over the next few weeks. we have moved some boxes already and are packing little by little each day. it's hard to really see in this picture, but we have so many beautiful trees and other foliage in both the front and back yards, it's difficult to get a good angle! we still have a guest room, so please come visit if you can!